Acqui Terme

A small town with Roman origins just 15 minutes driving from La Ginestra.

This village offers the opportunity to visit ancient archaeological sites including: the Roman aqueduct, buildings dating back to medieval times and some other more recent outside artworks. An elegant medieval center recently renovated makes Acqui Terme a perfect destination. In the center there is a fountain called La Bollente by the people, the water comes out at the fountain at a temperature of 75°c.

The SPA Lago Delle Sorgenti allows you to fully enjoy the thermal water which flows underneath Acqui Terme.

Here you have to taste : the Farinata dish that reveals the Ligurian influence on the town and the red sweet wine Brachetto d’Acqui , perhaps after an afternoon at the spa. The Center also includes many restaurants which bring to the table, each-one on its own way, the culture of food and wine from Piedmont.



Canelli has been a wine town for more than a century, the first one to make the city famous was Carlo Gancia which in 1865 created the first sparkling wine of Italy. Since then the wine symbol of Canelli is the sparkling wine, especially Asti’s Spumante made from Muscat grapes. The four Underground Cathedrals, under the World Heritage Site of UNESCO, are the exelence of the classic method for the sparkling dry wine, while the hills that surround the town are mainly planted with vines of Muscat .

In this fantastic town you can visit the Ancient Cellars, walk to the ancient cobbled street of Sternia to admire the view from the residential hill More Amata From Canelli and Reach The Castello Gancia. You cannot miss: the historical re-enactment of the Siege of Canelli The Third week of June, and Canelli Città del Vino at the end of September the feast of flavors famous all over Italy.


Just 35 Minutes far from the House there is a beautiful city full of history and Piedmont traditions. In Asti you can admire the old buildings and the medieval city center making you live the middle ages again. Here you can taste al the types of food and wines coming from all the surrounding lands.

The city often organizes gastronomic events for wine lovers as the Douja d’Or festival dedicated to local wines and le Sagre di Asti in September. Also in September takes place the Palio di Asti, the oldest manifestation of the city which began in the thirteenth century.

Alba e Barolo

Alba considered the center of the Langhe, is located just 50 km from La Ginestra.

Along the Via Maestra there are beautiful-stocked shops and wine bars.The most important event of this city is the White Truffle Fair, which in the months of October and November animates the city and the surroundings lands with food and wine events, music and culture.

Barolo is a small village 15 minutes from Alba. Famous all over the world for its prestigious wine. Here the wine producers allow you to visit the wine-fields and to organize tasting in their wineries where you can taste the Barolo and other typical products.

Noli & Varigotti

If you want to spend a day by the sea these two small villages are perfect.

Noli is a typical Ligurian city, here you can find a lot of good restaurants with good fish brought form the market that every day  takes place near the beach of Noli.

Varigotti is 2 minutes far from Noli and is a very nice village by the sea. This small village is very characteristic for its arabesque stile. Is famous for its sea and beaches, particularly the Saracen’s Beach, which is one of the largest public beaches in liguria.


Is The Ligurian capital 87 km  far from the house. Famous for being a great commercial port but also as a cultural city with many tourist attractions.

The most famous attraction is The Aquarium Of Genoa one of the largest aquarium in Europe and allows you to admire countless species of fish.


Piedmont’s capital, 97 km far.

Is the biggest city of Piedmont: The Cinema Museum and the Egyptian Museum are just a few of the many museums that you will find in this city. The center boasts a great historical tradition dating back to the founding of Italy.